Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Second Chances EP out now & other random news

This is our new 7" on Hang Up Records (formally 608 kisses records) called the Second Chances EP. Three new songs (Second Chances/Cant Shake You/Tired Eyes) and comes on either black or blue vinyl. Zack A. took time away from the Hard Rock Casino in Ybor City to draw up the art for us, Audrey & a ferret. You can get it from us at shows or at www.hanguprecords.com. The record release show at sweat with Lemuria, Lets go Exploring and No Children was a success, thanks to everyone who came out and picked up the record. 

In other news we would like to welcome Chad Kishick to the band, our new bassist. He has nice wavy hair and talks about The Marlins a lot. He is a fantastic addition to the band and were lucky to have him. 

We have plans to start recording for our debut, yet to be titled full length at the end of august with a release date sometime soon afterwards. This will be available on CD via SP Records in Japan & on LP via Art of the Underground in the US. 

The track called "Bridges" is an exclusive track to the "I know why they call it pop" cassette compilation via Rok Lok Records. We also recorded a cover of "Meaningless" by The Magnetic Fields for the next Dead Broke Rekkids cassette comp. Both should be out soon we hope. 

We have a show on Sept 29th with NY's Shoppers and Miami's own Beings. Show is at Sweat Records at 7pm and is $5 for the New Yorkers gas tank. Hope to see you there. 

Were also sorry to anyone who called us during Harvest of Hope and asked "Why aren't you on stage right now", there was a family emergency that couldn't be helped. We were all very disappointed to miss out but maybe this year we can make up for it. 

Sunday, October 11, 2009

another seven inch in the works

so we got offered to do a record for wisconsin label 608 kisses and accepted. were pretty excited, this will be three of our best songs (in my opinion). nate runs a really awesome label and his 7"s are only $4ppd, who does that anymore? anywho, were sending him the audio & art very soon so keep your eyes peeled. the 12" will come much later, since we stole three songs from it for this release. 

Thursday, October 1, 2009

cassingle is out now

we decided not to do a 7" for this one, because it is a song from the upcoming full length (an alternate version) & a blondie cover, no need for more than 100 copies. its steve our singers first release on his label moody records. email hitchhikingthegalaxy@gmail.com for copies and stuff. well just be home for now, working on the full length and practicing a lot. no new news. 

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

mp3s are up streaming

we made a bandcamp site, two new songs. much easier than downloading them from here:


up next:

recover b/w x offender cassingle (moody records) 

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

new 7" out

we are proud to be a part of the ATOU single series this year, marking the 41st band to participate. our single 'games with each other b/w these days' was just released. you can get it by becoming a member of the single series on www.artoftheunderground.com. it is definitely worth it, the measure, kepi ghoulie, cheap girls & the copyrights have all been released thusfar. we will have copies at our shows but they are mostly all called for. thanks alex!

up next - recover b/w x offender single 

also a big hoorah to witchfinger/stink eye, merchandise, lets go exploring and our many friends around florida who made last weekend a lot of fun. 

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

new track posted

this is our newest single 'one day', which we recorded for a south florida compilation cdr & zine that should be out soonish from this kid nick. this song will be re-recorded for our 12" but this version has special guest vocals from saad, he rules. the download link is below. we decided to release another 7" with single 'recover' (which will also be redone for the 12") plus our version of 'x offender' by blondie. weve got stickers if anyone wants some, just email me. 

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

7" is out now

the record is out and were very happy with the way it ended up. please contact financial ruin records (www.financialruin.com) for copies. well have copies at shows and stuff. our next single "games with each other b/w these days" will be out in mid july care of the art of the underground single series. thanks alex a million, even more excited for those to be done. 

download the songs here :
knots - http://druggedconscience.com/sounds/knotsinmystomachrough.mp3
telephone - http://druggedconscience.com/sounds/._telephonewithsample.aif